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At London Jet Charter we pride ourselves in delivering a first-class, bespoke private charter service. Not only do we guarantee privacy, exclusivity, and a hassle-free experience from start to finish, we also offer the widest range of airports imaginable from private airstrips to international hubs.

From VIP gourmet catering, luxury spacious cabins, transport to and from your point of departure, helicopters, exclusive lounges, we will look after you from start to finish.


Chartering private jet through London Jet Charter guarantees you are working with a team that cares for your satisfaction, your wellbeing, and your budget. We want you to come away from your flight having experienced luxury and comfort as it is meant to be, hassle-free with a personal touch. We want to make sure we become your preferred way of travelling so we do everything we can to make you feel special. 



Very Light Jets

Cessna Citation Mustang

This aircraft is ideal for short hops for up to four passengers, the major benefit is a Cessna Citation Mustang can fly in and out of airports with short runways such as London City. The interior is comfortable and for its size is an economical option that is hard to beat, The Mustang is ideal for getaways or business trips that may be difficult to be done on commercial flights.

Light Jets

Bombadier Learjet 70

The Learjet70 offers improved range and short field take-off capabilities, a comfortable cabin in club formation, with small galley with microwave is available for preparing inflight drinks and snacks, entertainment system and enclosed toilet, up to seven passengers.

Super Light Jets

Embraer Phenom 300

This aircraft developed after the success of the smaller Phenom 100. Its key strengths are its longer cabin seats, seating up to seven in club configuration, small galley area, modern-looking lines, good baggage capacity and short runway capabilities, not to mention class-leading range and a properly enclosed washroom with basin.

Mid Sized Jets

Cessna Citation XLS

Derived from the highly popular Citation Excel midsize jet, the Citation XLS and XLS+ have a modernised interior and can go faster and further. It is a reliable and justifiably popular choice for short or medium range flights up to 4 hours, with near-standing headroom, washroom, and good baggage space.

Super Mid Sized Jets

Cessna Citation Longitude

Cessna’s latest jet, the Citation Longitude is capable of flying 8-hour sectors and therefore competes with larger and more expensive aircraft. The bright and spacious cabin has a flat floor, good headroom and a modern design. Onboard seats are arranged in double club formation and can be fully reclined for sleeping, a small galley with espresso and microwave is on hand for in-flight snacks and refreshments and it has a walk-in baggage compartment accessible in flight, up to 8 passengers.

Heavy Jets

Gulfstream G450

Based on the legendary Gulfstream IV, this aircraft’s reliability, performance and cabin refinements continue to make it an excellent option in the large jet class. Carrying up to 14 passengers, entertainment system and galley for preparing meals all help to giving this aircraft a luxurious feel along with the signature oval windows common to all Gulfstream jets, with a range of over 5,000 miles that will accomplish most transatlantic missions and other routes of up to 9 hours.

Ultra Long Range Jets

Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream designed a completely new swept wing and wider cabin cross-section for its G650 model, which also features even larger panoramic windows that flood the cabin with natural light. Seats up to 16 passengers and with a range of over 8,000 miles the manufacturer boasts that this is the fastest jet in its class and that it has the range to fly Hong Kong to New York non-stop. From a passenger perspective, the interior is one of the most spacious on the market with a bathroom with a stand-up shower entertainment system and 100% fresh air system which allows you to arrive feeling more refreshed.